Blurbs ≈

'Keep writing your great poems man. You are hitting the keys like a fucking symphony by Wagner, Bach, Mozart. You are one of the few poets I can honestly say I take joy in reading.'

– Gary Goude –
Subject of New York Quarterly #60's 'Craft Interview'

“I just received your chapbook in the mail, and I must say
I am stunned---your poems hit me like a fist in the gut,
literally knocking the breath out of me. Beautiful! I’ve read
it about six times so far, I can’t put it down. Thank you so
much for such beautiful words.”

– Cynthia Lewis –

“I thank the lit gods for Don Winter’s poems.”

– Mark Wisniewski –
Award-winning author

“Our man Don Winter is good.”

– Marion Stocking –
Founding Editor, Beloit Poetry Journal

“Don Winter is quite a poet.”

– Raymond Hammond –
Editor, New York Quarterly

“Don Winter’s poems are memorable, moving, fresh and necessary.
The combination of his ear for that voice, his eye for that life, his
innate sense of music and the line, the heart wrenching lyric
imagery and the rage that ought to fuel it all and does makes
his poems sure things.”

– Linda McCarriston –
Poet featured by Bill Moyer